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Minnesota State Certified Safe to Move
Bug Free
Kiln Dried & Heat Treated

Know the Difference Between an Approved firewood Vendor and Certified Firewood

JN Firewood Inc. has to offer packaged firewood from Coast to Coast. We offer premium firewood of hardwood mix and premium birch. Our firewood is seasoned and kiln dried to perfection. It is heat treated to USDA specifications and always dried down to make a perfect fire. All products are cut uniformly, cleaned thoroughly and packaged attractively. Our products are guaranteed to be dry and certified. Here at JN Firewood we continually provide quality premium packaged firewood at a affordable cost. Birch Bundles

Our staff here at JN Firewood Inc. has years of experience serving our customers. We have bar coded labels for convience stores, grocery stores, markets ect. We are currently serving clients, distributors, and wholesalers around the nation. All of our wood is packaged under strict perfections to provide the highest quality. JN Firewood is certified by the MDA for heat treating and kiln dried firewood to USDA specifications. We maintain the specifications across the country and have worked with government and environmental personal to maintain all certifications to provide the highest quality.

We are Florida compliant to ship.

We Deliver anywhere in the USA
Call for Wholesale Bundled Wood  800-381-7150

The MDA is the agency responsible for certifying firewood. For the wood to be certified, it must meet one of the following specifications:
• Removal of the bark and an additional 1/2 inch of wood
• Heat treatment
• Kiln sterilization
• Fumigation
• Lets protect our trees and forests
• All wood is heat treated to USDA specifications
• Ship nationwide
• Bundles available in various ways
• Your label design or our label
• Bar coded
• Florida compliance met

Bundled Birch Firewood


75 Bundles per pallet
24 pallets per semi load

Bundled Firewood

Unbundled Birch stacked on a pallet

Packaged Bundled Firewood

Packaged Bundled Firewood

Guaranteed clean & always dry
16" cut length

Also Available:
Hardwood Mix

• Convience Stores
• Grocery Stores
• Campgrounds
• Distributors

Wholesale and Private Orders

Call to Order 800-630-2960

All wood that is sold is Bug Free, Kiln Dried and Heat Treated - All Certified

Click on map certification above to see the certification process.

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