Our Quality

At JN Firewood we are passionate about wood. We offer the finest quality and best selection of cooking woods, chiminea woods, fragrant woods, decorative woods, and firewood. We carry woods of many different species and types of cut to meet all of your needs. We package and ship to exact customer specifications, never a mix of substandard products.

JN Firewood supplies cooking woods to gourmet restaurants all over the country - Give us a chance to exceed your expectations

    • We sell pure wood of the type you select - never a mix of various woods.
    • We do not sell wood salvaged from diseased trees.
    • Our wood is packaged neat, and clean. Zero cleanup required before use.
    • Where required - All wood products are heat treated to USDA Standards.
    • We are an environmentally conscious company - We work directly with the MN & UT Department of Agriculture, & state certified loggers to offer readily available , quality wood products.

We ship nationwide so you can have access to the finest firewood & cooking wood products at the best prices. Our wood is dried in approved kilns and/or naturally seasoned - ready to enhance the flavor of your grill at home or to keep you cozy and warm.

Give us a chance to exceed you expectations. JN Firewood takes great care to carry our small town philosophy with every customer exchange - being based in a small town in Central Minnesota, kindness and service runs in our blood and we love to pass it on.

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